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Desktop Wireless Charging SHY-021
  • Desktop Wireless Charging SHY-021
  • Desktop Wireless Charging SHY-021

Desktop Wireless Charging SHY-021

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Jiangxi Qianyi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Jiangxi Qianyi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
China - Ganzhou
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201-300 people
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15 Day(s)
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Gray and black simple design;Oval design;Glossy charging, matte base;Support watch phone to charge at the same time;Mobile phones with mobile phone cases can also be charged;Independent coils do not interfere with each other;Put and charge;12.5W stable and fast charge;2 ~ 3 hours full;Greater than 75% power conversion;No load standby;Low temperature charging, automatic power off, extend battery life;Lingyang 8006B master;Support mobile phone charging 5W/7.5W/10W;Support Apple Watch 2.5W charging;Support AirPods Pro 2.5W wireless charging

Desktop Wireless Charging SHY-021 from China supplier
Desktop Wireless Charging SHY-021 from China supplier

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1000 Piece(s) Per Day
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15 Day
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