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    Browse through the offers for wholesale instock items , SCR heater control, SCR motor control, and other electronic components. A thyristor, also known as an SCR Silicon Controlled Rectifier, is similar to a transistor, but with significant features that distinguish it from its counterparts. They are both layered semiconductor components, with the transistor having three layers and the SCR device four. The thyristor has three leads: the SCR gate, anode, and cathode. The SCR control and rectification acts through these leads, treating the current that passes through. It can handle higher voltages than the transistor and functions as a binary pathway. It is always either completely turned on or off and, once polarized or biased, can function independently. There are many types of thyristor, classified by different parameters and metrics. By function, there’s the phase control thyristor, or thyristor rectifier, and the power control thyristor, for example. The SCR phase control takes charge of rectifying an AC into a DC current. The SCR power control regulates the flow of electricity to control intensity in a device's function, such as in an SCR heater control circuit. In regards to design, there are newer types of thyristors that enable you to turn off the system with a gate function. This kind is called a gate turnoff thyristor, or GTO thyristor for short. The instock items and other thyristors have their range of current in which they function. A BT169, for example, works with currents of 500mA, the BT152 in 13A, and the 25RIA12 in 25A. Make sure to check the electrical SCR specifications. On Tradechina.com, you’ll find wholesale instock items , SCR circuit components, diode SCR, and much more. Start buying from international wholesale suppliers today.
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